“Protect your own creations for free within 30 seconds”

Welcome at OnlineDepot!

You have written a screenplay or a synopsis and you want to submit it to a producer or a colleague-author ? You are working on a concept for a television or game program that you would like to present to a TV channel ? You have composed music about which you want to discuss with a publisher ? You have created a theater play that you want to present to a theatrical company?

Well, you’d better register all those works and many others to come beforehand on OnlineDepot, SABAM’s new registration service!

Via OnlineDepot, you will receive a registration certificate that establishes the authorship and sets the date of creation of your work. OnlineDepot is completely FREE OF CHARGE , both for associate members and non-members, and has been properly PROTECTED !

The first FREE online repository platform

SABAM offers as the first in Europe, a comprehensive online repository platform. In June 2010, the first version of OnlineDepot was launched. The new version (2.0) went into production in the beginning of January 2012. All Belgian users and foreign SABAM members can create depots for free. Take advantage of this platform by creating your own secure account! Click here